Rest Well, Sweet Mimzee

**Trigger Warning**
**Pet Loss**

When we came home from Barbados, we noticed that our sweet, 9.5-year-old kitty was acting unwell. We thought it might just be depression from us being gone for a while, but then we started thinking about it and she had been a little off for a few weeks leading up to our Barbados trip.

Zelda & Mimzee enjoying their first plate of milk.

I kept an eye on her and made sure she was still eating, drinking, peeing, and pooping… you know, all the things you want to see happening in your little fur loves. She became skinnier and skinnier as the days went by and then we started to see bathroom accidents in places they shouldn’t have been. I was practically begging her to eat, and serving her treats, food, and water in bed.


My mom came to visit me while Hubman was out of town for the holiday. I think we both knew what was going to happen that weekend. Here I am, mourning the loss of our embaby and trying to get my body back to normal after our first round of IVF, and my sweet kitty was trying to leave me too.

Instead of growing our family, it was actually shrinking. We were losing our sweet Mimzee to cancer.

My mom and I loved on Mimzee most of the weekend; making sure she was warm and comfortable. But Saturday night was when we realized that something had to be done. Our sweet baby Mimzee was in so much pain. I sat on the bathroom floor with her until 3 in the morning. We both cried. She was hurting and I didn’t know how to fix it.

At 3am, I finally gave in and tried to clean her with a shampoo wipe to freshen her up a bit, then I wrapped her in her favorite cuddle blanket and laid in bed with her next to me so tightly, to try to warm her and calm her. I was hoping maybe, just maybe we both could get some sleep.

My heart was breaking into a thousand pieces. I knew this was going to be the last time I laid in bed and held our cuddle bug. The best hugger in the whole house was letting me love her for just a little bit longer.

Hubman wasn’t home to give her pets, belly rubs, or even say goodbye. It was heart-wrenching.

One of her last photos. *sniff*

The next morning, we took sweet Mim to the ER. After spending all day there, we finally got the news that we all knew was coming. Sweet Mimzee Cat was laid to rest on December 19th. Her G’ma was by her side, as this sensitive and heartbroken kitty momma couldn’t bear to witness her transition.

Mimzee’s last photo.

We love Mim dearly, and she’s already missed more than words can express.
Rest well, sweet Mim. You’ll ALWAYS be our “Little Bitty Pretty One!”

Sister kitty, Zelda, will keep your basket warm. She misses you too.

Love your babies a little harder tonight. Give the dogs some cheese and catnip the kitties.
Give them a nose boop and lots of kisses.
Play tug of war extra long time and don’t stop giving those belly rubs until your arm falls off.
Tell them you love them.

Sorry for the downer… This year has been hard.
Happy Holidays, lovies.
See you next time,