This was lunch today. Tokyo Joe’s. I really love their bowls so I decided to try one with tofu. Hmmm. Everything was super tasty except I just couldn’t quite make myself love the tofu chunks. They looked like chicken, but when you stab it on your fork it just feels like you’re stabbing firm banana pudding.

I think the key to this might be that I should add more foods that are crunchy. The water chestnuts were the only things with a real “bite” factor in this bowl. I felt like I was just eating mush and I found it a bit unsettling that avocado was much more firm than my tofu “chicken” chunks. (Okay, maybe more than a bit.)

I’m still not sold on the whole tofu thing. I think I’m gonna have to keep trying different dishes with this stuff. Does anyone have any tips on how to cook it where I might actually learn to love it?

Time for bed.
Bonne Nuit. 


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