Update on Keenan’s LSG

A lot of you guys have been asking about my husband.


He’s doing very well. Tomorrow marks 28 days since he got sleeved. His incisions are all healed now and he’s nailed the routine of supplements and nutrition tracking. Last week he was rather excited to step on the scale and see a number that was under 400! He’s taking the protein intake pretty seriously and so far there’s only been a few moments of discomfort due to eating too fast and not chewing properly.

I asked him earlier this afternoon if he regrets having the surgery. He said no he didn’t regret it and that he’s happy he can still have almost anything he wants but that he just eats a very small amount of it. He’s been in a great mood for the past few weeks and though he would never admit it, he’s been acting much more confident!

I gotta say, I’m super proud of him.

Happy Saturday, you gorgeous human!


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