Packing up 8 years of our life and moving to Austin – In Photos!

By this point, you know that we’ve moved to Austin and we’re building our own home. The moving process though – What a crazy insane trip that was. After we had our rental house situation figured out we started the purging and packing process. (Mostly purging because the packing was entirely too overwhelming if I’m honest.)

I tried to start earlier. I swear I did… I started purging in July! But packing?? Well, that was kind of a last-minute effort that only happened with the help of some VERY SPECIAL people!

This was when I realized it was becoming real. Wall space was starting to appear and the chaos was coming!
Hubman looking through photos of his grandmother and grandfather. We lost both of these amazing people, Grandma Rose right before we moved, and Pappy Doyal right after.

My last day at the office was bittersweet. My team was so kind and generous. They tried their hardest to keep me from crying! Cookies, cupcakes, breakfast, lunch, Starbucks – It was a wonderful day!

Liz and I stayed up until 11 am on Saturday packing. It was intense. There were tears, laughs, delirious conversations, hallucinations… All the things! She went home at 11 and I slept on the couch for a few hours before I hopped back up and went right back again.

We got all our Home documents signed, keys, and garage door openers packed and ready to go, then it was time to wait for our moving team. I’m so thankful for our cousin Marcus. He showed up from San Marcos and moved our stuff for us. We were SO THANKFUL TO HIM and Trey.

The amount of love and support of our friends and family was truly amazing. People brought boxes and tape and bubble wrap and packing paper. Others stayed up ALL NIGHT with me packing boxes. The memories made while packing up our home in Arlington were truly ones that I’ll keep in my favorite box forever.

Then we got to Austin and started unpacking…
The love notes on the boxes from everyone had me in tears. It had become VERY REAL that I had just left some of the most amazing people in my life about 250 miles away.

Here’s a little preview of our temporary rental home in Austin. The neighborhood is amazing! Everyone is super friendly and we felt like we fit right in within days. We’ll miss this neighboorhood when we move, but for now, it’s home.

The family that showed up, the friends that showed up, the ones that rolled up their sleeves and started throwing things in boxes – I’ll never be able to repay you guys for everything that you did. Certainly, the donuts and dinners were nothing compared to how you all helped us through this.

This woman showed up and finished the job. If it weren’t for her, my stepmother, and my aunt, I think we’d STILL be packing my bathroom and closet alone. We spent our last night in Arlington having dinner with this wonderful human. I’m so thankful she’s in our lives.

Hubman and I cannot thank you all enough. From purging, to packing, to even moving, we had the most support and love thrown our way. More than we could have ever imagined. You guys were the real MVPs!

We look forward to sharing our new home in Austin with these special people in our lives. So many people stepped up and carried us through this process. Truly, we couldn’t have done this alone. (Well, we could have, but it would have been WAY more brutal!)

We appreciate you guys more than a cold shower after packing for 14 hours. Truly.
Thank you all so much!


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