IVF in Barbados: 2nd clinic visit and some island fun

Oh hey, pretties! I’m glad to see you came back. I certainly missed your face around here. I suppose you wanna know what’s up since the last time I posted? Well, I’m here to tell you. This is a fun one! (Sorta)

Saturday was the most relaxing day ever. Hubman and I sat on the beach all day and had a relaxing yet, still frustratingly slow dinner at Blakey’s on the boardwalk. We got there and waited until 30 minutes before curfew before requesting that our food, yet again, be boxed in to-go containers so that we could get back to our hotel in time for curfew.

Now for the fun part! Sunday was Hubman’s birthday. We got up early and had breakfast at the hotel, where they gave him a chocolate birthday cake surprise.

Then we hopped on a bus and over to the docks to join in on a catamaran cruise. We went snorkeling and saw loads of gorgeous fish and stingrays. We got to swim with sea turtles and here in Barbados, we are allowed to touch them. Those of you who know me, know I basically was in heaven. They had to call me back to the boat because I didn’t want to leave. It wasn’t my top bucket list of meeting RuPaul, but it was certainly a second to see and touch sea turtles in their natural habitat. Hubman was being handed birthday cocktails and shots every time he turned around. We were served a delicious lunch on the boat right in front of Rihanna’s house.

After the cruise, we came home to get cleaned up for dinner. We walked down the boardwalk again to a lovely place called Tapas. The food was exceptional and the view was stunning. We watched the sunset over the ocean and enjoyed our dinner. They surprised Hubman with some ice cream complete with sparklers. For the first time since we’ve been here, we weren’t rushed back to our room for curfew so we strolled the boardwalk and watched the moon shine over the water while the waves crashed the shore until we finally got back to our room to settle down for the night.

It was a truly wonderful weekend, and more needed than anyone could imagine for so many reasons.

Our 2nd appointment with the clinic was Monday morning. Again, it went as well as to be expected. Still only 4 follicles, but all 4 had grown and were progressing nicely. I was told to trigger at 10 on Monday night and scheduled our egg retrieval for 10 on Wednesday morning. Seeing how I am a low responder to the stim injections due to many factors, my nurse suggested something called a Protein Rich Plasma treatment during my retrieval to help with a second cycle, should this cycle be a complete flop. I’m going to do a post specifically on PRP treatment, so if you’re interested to know what that is, stay tuned!

After our appointment, we went back to ArtSplash. Seriously, their breakfast is simply delicious.

We came back to the hotel and immediately jumped into our regular 9-5’s. We are both still working while we’re here, though we try to use our off time to enjoy the island as much as possible.

After work, we went to dinner and at 10 that night I did my 2 trigger injections. Trigger shots are a high dose of HCG that causes the eggs to mature and release from the ovaries. Within 36 hours of triggering, my body will be ready for my team to collect the eggs that I stimmed for the previous ten days.

Today, November 16th, we spent the day working in the room and then went to dinner. Dinner tonight was at a LOVELY place called Buzo. We met an adorable waiter who I have a feeling will be my new BFF before the end of this trip. The food was phenomenal and the service was even better.

We’re currently watching some Netflix before bed and I’m writing this post to take my mind off of the anxiety I feel for tomorrow’s results.

It’s pretty late and I have my blood draw early in the morning before the procedure. I’m going to try to lay my anxious self down and dream about RuPaul, Michelle Visage, and sea turtles and think happy dragqueen-filled thoughts. I’ll be back tomorrow for an update on how the retrieval went and how I’m feeling.

Much love and hugs and stuff,


4 thoughts on “IVF in Barbados: 2nd clinic visit and some island fun

  1. RITA says:

    Hello how much did it cost for the ivf did you do the genetic testing?and how much did you pay for the medication so far for the medication I got a quote for about $3300 from the online pharmacy they gave me. please I’m also needing information about getting cheap accommodation , I live in TX and hoping to get my first round of ivf done in February next year.


    • Hi Rita! 1 round of IVF was $7800 USD. My medication cost me around $2500 USD from IVFsmart.com.

      I didn’t do genetic testing, as I have a low AMH and needed a fresh transfer.

      I hope this helps!


    • Rita says:

      Thanks for the quick response, hope ur transfer went well I’m praying for you. Can you please advise on cheap accommodation.


  2. Rita says:

    Hello again pls I would like to know where you got ur covid test done for ur trip to babardos and did you guys need to quarantine even with a negative covid test when you arrived ? Thanks


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