Just to be clear…

So apparently a lot of people didn’t read yesterday’s post in its entirety and jumped to conclusions. It seemed to be a shocker when I was at work after having “Such a huge surgery…”

Guys, I did not have surgery yesterday. I had a simple endoscopy.

A few of you asked me what exactly what this procedure is so I’m going to clear it up a bit with this post.

An upper endoscopy, also known as EGD, is a procedure in which a thin scope with a light and camera at its tip is used to look inside the upper digestive tract – the esophagus, stomach, and first part of the small intestine, called the duodenum.

Usually performed as an outpatient procedure, upper endoscopy sometimes must be performed in the hospital or emergency room to both identify and treat conditions such as upper digestive system bleeding.

The procedure is commonly used to help identify the causes of:

• Abdominal or chest pain
• Heartburn
• Bleeding
• Swallowing problems

An upper endoscopy is more accurate than X-rays for detecting abnormal growths and for examining the inside of the upper digestive system.

To read the original article on WedMD.com, click here!

Created for the National Cancer Institute, http://www.cancer.gov

I still have a bit of a sore throat, which is completely normal. All is well for now! Once I have more information about when the next step is, I will share it here.

I have lots to do before bed tonight, so I must go for now.
Bonne Nuit, Y’all!

LSG – Step 2

The EGD.

  • Date – 10/11/2017
  • Appointment time – 5:45 AM.
  • Procedure – EGD.

3:30 AM – What is that noise? What’s going on? Where am I? Make it stop. Growl. Hiss. Roar!

3:45 AM – I’m thirsty. I’m hungry. This is getting real. I’m about to have my stomach chopped up. The anxiety is happening. Fuck.

4:00 AM – Keenan stole the fucking shower. Really?! Dude. I’ll just lay in bed and ride this anxiety attack out. It’ll be fine. Deep breaths.

4:15 AM – Shower. Finally. It was comforting for a moment then as I was waking up the reality of it all set back in. This isn’t just an endoscopy, this is the beginning of a completely life-changing process. Shit. Anxiety sucks. My heart racing. My stomach is trying to escape through my throat which is clasped shut from fear. I have to go. I can’t be late… get out of the shower. You can have a meltdown later. Put on some pants and let’s go.

4:30 AM – Thank goodness it’s cool outside. I think I might puke. This is really happening. I’m really taking the jump into the bariatric surgery society. Okay, Meighan, you want this. You are excited about this. This is going to be the change you need to live your life like a “normal” person.

4:40 AM – Turn the music down. I can’t handle it. Turn it off. Silence. Quit talking. It’s early. I’m thirsty. Why is Plano so far away? Gosh, I’m thirsty. Uh oh. There’s a rumble in my tummy.

5:30 AM – We’re here. I might puke. This is so real and it’s not even about the silly endoscopy!! This procedure is nothing really. It’s about the fact that this is just one of the steps required to do the BIG ONE!! This is the start of my journey. Here we go.

6:30 AM – Okay. I’m tired. Where are the drugs? I want a nap. Over it. I’m just hungry and SO fucking thirsty. Let’s get this over with…

7:30 AM – I’m so bored. I’ve already answered all of these questions 100 times. I hate waiting. Come on already.

8:15 AM – FINALLY!!! Let’s do this shit!!!

9:00 AM – Where am I? What happened? Who are you? WATER!!!!!

10:00 AM – Ah. No more pants. My couch. My kitty. My blanket. Win. Home sweet home.


Results – I have a hiatal hernia and my stomach produces way too much acid. They took tissue samples which I will hear more about later this week. My surgeon can’t wait to pull out that mess. According to him, my life is about to change!


No news yet on the BIG surgery date, but I can tell you all that I have decided to have the laparoscopic gastric sleeve. (I’ll be posting more about what it is later!)

Now, if you will excuse me, I’m exhausted. I know there are a lot of questions and I’ll try my hardest to keep you all informed and as educated about this entire process as I possibly can.

Until next time,

Project Life is still underway!

Well hello! It’s been a minute since I’ve updated my site and for good reasons too! I’m sure you all are wondering where I’ve been and why I stopped writing so much… Or maybe not, that’s cool too. So here’s a quick little update to recap the past few weeks.

First of all – let’s address the vegan diet thing. As many of you have noticed, (and so nicely pointed out, EVERY TIME) I am not following a plant-based diet at this time. I made it well over 2 months which was well over my first set goal. I learned a lot about myself during the “vegan journey” and I’m actually extremely proud of myself for sticking to it for a long as I did. I haven’t given up on it yet, that’s for certain, I’m simply taking a small little break.

Since my last blog post, I’m happy to say that I’m still losing weight. Not as rapidly as before, because mmmmm…. cheeseburgers, however, a slow and steady loss is alright with me. (For now!)

“Better living through chemistry.”
– Dearest

I went for a few weeks where I wouldn’t eat at all. Maybe a few pieces of fruit now and then, but mostly nothing, just lots and lots of water and Altoids. SO HEALTHY, right? I was in a downward spiral and I let my depression take control and bring me down. It was a dark few weeks but I eventually managed to pull myself out of that little train wreck I had gotten myself into. I went from compulsively overeating to not eating at all. I got sick, I suffered from stomach pains and headaches, it was just terrible. Not doing that again! I saw my doctor because I knew things were getting out of control. After a few medicine switches, all is well with my mind again. As a dear friend of mine would say, “Better living through chemistry.”

So what’s next? Well, many of you have heard me say that I’ve wanted to do something a bit more forceful in the way of getting my life back on track. I’ve been talking about having weight loss surgery for years. YEARS! I’ve been doing research for so long, I’ve visited with a small handful of doctors about which procedure would be best for me. I’ve backed out it because of financial reasons or because something just didn’t feel quite right. I wasn’t ready back then. I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to have made the right decision, however, the thought of having some type of surgery to help me start making better choices and take better care of my body has always been on my mind. I was ashamed of admitting this at first because I was afraid people would say I’m taking the easy way out.

“Losing weight isn’t that hard. Just get up and move. Stop eating. Drink water.”
– Fitness guru friend

I’m finally in a place where I can very PROUDLY say that I am having weight loss surgery. I had my first appointment a few weeks ago and tomorrow morning I go in for my endoscopy. You guys have been so supportive of my journey so far, that I’ve decided to share my experience with you guys from the get-go. There will be lots of pictures, information, and of course updates with each passing day after the procedure is done. I am so beyond excited for this opportunity. I truly feel like I’m being given another shot at life and I’ll be damned if I fuck this up.

I know you all have questions about what type of surgery I’m having and when it is and yada yada yada… I’ll get to that another time, my alarm clock says it’s time to get dressed and stuff so, for now, I must go. (Trust that I’d rather sit here with no pants on all day… but adulting blows) I’ll post more information tonight.

Thanks for hanging around this long. It was fun!
Hugs and love and stuff,