Update on Keenan’s LSG

A lot of you guys have been asking about my husband.


He’s doing very well. Tomorrow marks 28 days since he got sleeved. His incisions are all healed now and he’s nailed the routine of supplements and nutrition tracking. Last week he was rather excited to step on the scale and see a number that was under 400! He’s taking the protein intake pretty seriously and so far there’s only been a few moments of discomfort due to eating too fast and not chewing properly.

I asked him earlier this afternoon if he regrets having the surgery. He said no he didn’t regret it and that he’s happy he can still have almost anything he wants but that he just eats a very small amount of it. He’s been in a great mood for the past few weeks and though he would never admit it, he’s been acting much more confident!

I gotta say, I’m super proud of him.

Happy Saturday, you gorgeous human!

2017 – Thanks for the memories

As this year comes to an end, I want to take a moment to reflect on how grateful I am for what I have gained this year. I want to start with the way I celebrated the very beginning of 2017. I went with Jenilee, Jamie, and Elisabeth to one of my favorite islands in the US. We visited South Padre Island and made some pretty amazing memories!

2017 started out pretty darn amazing. My family grew a bit as well! I got a new brother, some new nephews and a niece. I’ve never seen my sister so happy. It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is their one year anniversary!

February was fun. Keenan got a new car and learned that going down to the stop light for a left turn out of our neighborhood is really the best way to go. I spent some time at the coffee shop listening to some pretty kickass music.

March was jam-packed with memories.  I had a blast at Sinatra Night. One thing that stands out about that night is this little old man who just couldn’t stop dancing. He had a lesson to teach me that day – Never stop doing what makes you happy. I still think of that old man and the pure joy on his face as he danced the night away. I got to love on 2 of my many favorite pups. Keenan and I celebrated 2 years of marriage. We hung out down at the river with the in-loves and went to San Antonio on a search for some charcoal soap. March was an exhausting and heartbreaking month of loss but there was also much love, passion, and fun.

April and May were just ordinary months. I had the pleasure of watching a dear friend turn another year older. I turned another year older as well. So far 30 hasn’t been my best year. Dinner at Ferraris was wonderful. I got to see my nephew Jax celebrate his birthday. Come to find out, they moved into a house that’s just a few blocks over from the house that built me. Naturally, I had to drive by the old place to see if it was exactly how I remembered it. (Spoiler Alert – It wasn’t.) I also enjoyed lots more live music.

Open Mic Night is easily one of my most favorite days of the week. Easter dinner with my dad’s side of the family was a refreshing break as well. One of the most memorable days of the entire year was the Miranda Lambert concert. I was REALLY looking forward to that day, but it ended up not going exactly as planned. My momma and I still got to spend lots of time together though, so I guess it wasn’t a total waste of a day! (To read about that day, click here!)

The Alice in Wonderland ballet brought many memories. That was the highlight of May, for sure.

June and July were full of ups and downs. Nonnie spilled a pot of boiling beans all over her and spent several weeks in the hospital. Hurricane Harvey didn’t want us to go on vacation so we went to the river instead.

Jenilee started chemo to put an end to this brain tumor that’s been giving her hell for a while. Keenan finally got his CPA certificate in the mail. Chompers and I bonded in a whole new way and now she’s basically my favorite puppy ever.

I got to spend time with my dad on Father’s Day and see my Grandmom too. I survived a vegan diet. My mom and Nonnie moved out to the country with my sister. Syra, my Nonnie’s puppy dog passed away. It was a chaotic few months, but then things started to look up.

August & September… Um, let’s just jump to seeing the Beauty & The Beast ballet with some pretty amazing friends. That and the fact that Jenilee’s tumor was shrinking was just about the only good parts of these 2 months. I was SUPER excited to see that my Nonnie had made it to her 77th birthday! The in-loves came to visit too. I love seeing them.


October was pretty boring. Nothing much happening around here that month.
November was a rough one. We lost my dear Nonnie on the 17th. Jenilee was up to 5 chemo treatments! I was well on my way to start the process to my gastric sleeve surgery.

My sister and mother helped me with a maternity shoot for Meg. (Yes, that’s my sister’s dog’s name. No, I’m not joking.) Meggers finally had those precious puppies! They came as a welcome distraction from all the other terrible things that were going on around me. I did my civic duty and voted as well and enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving meal with my dad and his side of the family.

December. We had my Nonnie’s “Celebration Of Life” to kick off this month. Keenan got sleeved on the 11th. I went to the Nutcracker ballet and it was easily the most magical night of the year. All 4 Christmas gatherings were completed before New Year’s Eve. (Guys, this never happens.) It was wonderful! Jen completed one type of chemotherapy and will be starting a new type next week.

All in all, 2017 provided me with lots of love, loss, passion, friends, & family. I’m grateful for the people who have stuck beside me through this roller coaster of a year. Here’s to hoping 2018 will be able to top this one off.

Happy New Years guys!

Holiday Ramblings

Well hello, you beautiful soul, you! It’s Christmas Eve and I’m finally getting around to writing that blog post I wanted to write about 3 weeks ago. Better late than never, right? 1st order of business is to say to everyone I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season. So far so good over here, but I gotta admit that it’s super hard to get into all the festivities since I have no tiny ones to share the magic with.


2nd order of business is to answer the question that I get asked about 11 times a day. “How is your husband doing after his surgery?”
As most of you are aware, Keenan had the laparoscopic sleeve performed on December 11th. Tomorrow will be 2 full weeks with his new sleeve and he is doing very well. I wanted to thank everyone for all the well wishes and good vibes. He’s healing great and he has no complaints about anything other than a runny nose that lets him know when he’s full and a few weird pains that indicate that a muscle is healing. He’s started eating soft and mushy foods as of Friday. It’s still weirding me out to see him eating from a tiny plate, but I’m super proud of how serious he has taken it so far!


3rd order of business – It was lovely spending time with everyone today. I’ve got 2 out of 5 Christmas gatherings completed. I still can’t even believe Christmas day is in 8 minutes! I swear New Years Day was only was only 4 months ago… Where has this year gone? Crazy. I’m going to crawl into bed for the night. I hope you all have a very merry Christmas. If there’s spare time before bed, I’ll continue this then.


Lots of hugs and love and stuff!

It’s just a trip to Costco…

Oh Monday. First of all, I’d like to start with a big, fat, major loud “FUCK YOU!” Normally Monday’s don’t bother me so much but today – well let me tell you all about it.

As most of you know, this weekend was uber hard for my family and I. We celebrated the life of my sweet Nonnie on Saturday. It was a fun day all in all, we shared memories and enjoyed each other’s company. It was great to see everyone, but damn was it hard. I hate that it takes someone dying to bring everyone together like that. So with only 2 hours of sleep Friday and Saturday, you can bet your boots my fat ass stayed in bed or on the couch passed out most of the day on Sunday. If it didn’t involve ridding my body of waste or providing it with sustenance, I wasn’t going to move. (No. Not even a little.) Let’s add on the fact that my uterus was extremely pissed off that it didn’t have a fetus to nurture so my hormones were also insanely fucked up. Cramps… Backaches…. Headaches…. All of the things. (Sorry dudes, but I seriously doubt there are that many of you reading this anyway, and the ladies out there – Oh they know!) It was just better if I stayed asleep most of the day, better for me and better for the general public too!

Sooooo that brings us to today. I got hardly any sleep last night since I was sleeping the whole day. When my alarm went off this morning, I’m fairly certain I could have killed a leprechaun. I somehow managed to drag myself out of bed and get myself dressed. I got to work and tried to adult. Promptly at 5:15 (Yes. I WAS watching the clock.) I left and headed to Costco to get shrimp for my husband. Oh Costco, how I love you. NOT. Parked, grabbed a shopping cart, showed my card at the door and walked in. I got 3 items before it happened. I broke out into an instant sweat, my vision went blurry and I could no longer breathe. Sugar free popsicles, Meighan. Get the sugar free popsicles. Boom. It happened. My heart rate reached over 200 beats per minute and I passed out in the middle of the frozen food isle. Awesome. I had people bringing me water and patting my face with cold wet towels. HOW EMBARRASSING. Once I got my heart rate back down to 130ish, I decided to finish getting the last few items on my list. As I was picking up the trash bags to place them in the cart, I could feel myself doing it again. I happened to look at my heart rate and yep, you guessed it – 198 beats per minute. I sat down against the wall and so many people were passing me by just staring at me.

THIS IS WHAT HEART DISEASE IS!! A simple trip to Costco turned into this. I finally made my way back to the car. At that point I had to sit in the AC and chug about a gallon of water before I could even unload my cart into my car and leave. Guys – Take care of your heart. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. We won’t talk about what happened once I got home, but I’m safe now and I’m resting comfortably with my heart rate at a steady 120. I’m hoping once I lay in bed for a while, I’ll make it to somewhere in the 80’s. We shall see! Today has been complete shit. I’m going to bed.

Good night lovely people.

“I know.”

Catharsis – It’s something that I do. I do it daily. It helps me process the pathetic mess of my life. It helps me process pain and loss. It helps me process love and friendships. It helps me to release all my emotions without being violent or destructive. Sometimes I draw, other times I play my instruments or compose songs, but mostly I write. Everyone knows I write and everyone knows it’s very rare that I share my most personal, intimate thoughts with the general public because there’s something unnerving about letting other people inside my head.

Yesterday was my Nonnie’s “Celebration of life.” (Memorial service) I read a poem that I wrote and lots of people asked for a copy of it, so here it is. Enjoy.

I know.

By Meighan Knight

“Nonnie, I’m so tired.”

“Rest my girl, but do not quit.”

“I know.”

“Nonnie, I feel weak.”

“Hush, my girl. You are so strong.”

“I know.”

“Nonnie, I’m hurt.”

“Cry, my girl. Time heals all wounds.”

“I know.”

“Nonnie, I feel like I’m going to break.”

“Bend, my child. There’s no need to break.”

“I know.”

“Nonnie, I miss him so much.”

“Tell his story, my child. Remember he is free.”

“I know.”

“Nonnie, I’m happy!”

“Wonderful, my child. These days come and go.”

“I know.”

“Nonnie, you look tired.”

“I need to rest, my child, but I will not quit.”

“I know.”

“Nonnie, you seem weak.”

“Hush, my girl. I’m fine. I’m strong.”

“I know.”

“Nonnie! You’re hurt!”

“I cried my girl, time will heal these wounds.”

“I know.”

“Nonnie, you’re so sad.”

“I cannot live my life, my child, but you’ve made me so happy.”

“I know.”

“Nonnie, you’re breaking.”

“My mind is breaking. My body is breaking. I am not breaking, my child.”

“I know.”

“Nonnie, I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll be free. Just remember those words.”

“I know.”

“Nonnie, you’re happy!”

“Remember me, my child. Forever and for all eternity. I’m finally free.”

“I know.”

In memory of my dear Nonnie who was the greatest grandmother a girl could have. May she fly high and sprinkle happiness on us all.

November 17th, 2017


Well hello, beautiful people! Boy, do I have some AWESOME news to share with you guys. This is something that very few people know, however, with his permission I am FINALLY allowed to make this public knowledge.

My husband, Keenan, will be having the gastric sleeve surgery along with me. This is such exciting news. The decision I made to have weight loss surgery is most definitely going to change my life, however, I’m the most excited about having a partner by my side through each of the steps that I have to go through. Not only will I not be alone in this adventure, but I’ll have my sidekick who FIRST HAND understands because he’ll be in the exact same boat as me!

We have both done the first 2 steps of the process and are currently waiting to see what’s next. I can’t wait to ride rollercoasters with him and go back to watching Ranger’s games all the time. Perhaps we can go hiking in Hawaii together or actually enjoy traveling to new places because we can fit in the airplane seats! I have high hopes that this will drastically change the future of our marriage. You guys, when I tell you that I’m beyond excited – I don’t think you all can possibly understand how much I truly mean this. Having this weight loss surgery is going to give me my life back. It’s going to be a whole new world for the both of us.

Not only will my husband and I be able to go on more adventures, but I’m hoping to make a lot more memories with other family and friends as well. I miss walking around the park and feeding the ducks on hot summer days. I miss playing “airplane” with my niece and nephews. I miss strapping on my rollerblades and getting lost in nature for just a little while. I miss being able to play fetch with all the puppies and chasing them around the yard. I miss going shopping with my girlfriends in all the small town boutiques that only carry S, M, & L. Gosh, there is so much that I miss.

I really want to write a post that explains what the surgery will involve and what is to be expected after the surgery day, I just haven’t had a lot of extra time as of late. Perhaps this week I can make some extra time to spit that one out for y’all. For now, I’m just going to leave you guys with just a few benefits of having this surgery that Keenan and I will be having very soon. It’s all just so so so exciting!

Tomorrow is sneaking up fast and I just realized I have no clean pants. FML y’all.
Good night.

Just to be clear…

So apparently a lot of people didn’t read yesterday’s post in its entirety and jumped to conclusions. It seemed to be a shocker when I was at work after having “Such a huge surgery…”

Guys, I did not have surgery yesterday. I had a simple endoscopy.

A few of you asked me what exactly what this procedure is so I’m going to clear it up a bit with this post.

An upper endoscopy, also known as EGD, is a procedure in which a thin scope with a light and camera at its tip is used to look inside the upper digestive tract – the esophagus, stomach, and first part of the small intestine, called the duodenum.

Usually performed as an outpatient procedure, upper endoscopy sometimes must be performed in the hospital or emergency room to both identify and treat conditions such as upper digestive system bleeding.

The procedure is commonly used to help identify the causes of:

• Abdominal or chest pain
• Heartburn
• Bleeding
• Swallowing problems

An upper endoscopy is more accurate than X-rays for detecting abnormal growths and for examining the inside of the upper digestive system.

To read the original article on WedMD.com, click here!

Created for the National Cancer Institute, http://www.cancer.gov

I still have a bit of a sore throat, which is completely normal. All is well for now! Once I have more information about when the next step is, I will share it here. 

I have lots to do before bed tonight, so I must go for now.
Bonne Nuit, Y’all!