Quick Update – Day 13

Time to get personal.

Time to put it ALL out there.


Yeah, I know. Disgusting.

By this time next year that first number will be a one. Mark my words.


I had a small craving today for some meat but I managed to smack it in the face with fresh guacamole. All in all though, I’ve been feeling pretty great. After having a small procedure earlier this week to help clear an ear issue that’s been bringing me down for well over a month – I’m finally feeling like myself again, better though! I haven’t been craving any dairy at all. Nope, not even cheese. Since I haven’t had nearly as much of a problem with angry guts as I usually do, I’m finding that I don’t even want dairy.


I’ve cut down taking Prilosec from 2 a day to 1 every other day. My indigestion has almost disappeared and I’m pretty sure if I would lay off the spicy foods I could get rid of it. I haven’t used my prescription face wash, shampoo, and steroid cream in over a week. My face is no longer going back through it’s teenage phase!


That’s right, no more oily & itchy skin on my scalp or my face. The stress sores that I develop in various places all over my body have started healing much more quickly and I’ve only seen 2 pop up over the past 2 weeks. Usually I’ve have upwards of 3+ per week that take weeks to heal.

Beans, Beans, The Magical Fruit:

The amount of black beans I’ve consumed over the the past 13 days has taught me that I can play yet another instrument! (This gas is LEGIT. Recently I’ve heard octaves I didn’t know I could hit!)

That’s all I have for you guys for today.

Bonne Nuit.