The key to success is in the preparation.

It’s the Friday before my adventure to try a vegan diet for 4 weeks. I have been reading tons of books and articles on which ingredients are must haves around the house in order to create almost any vegan recipe. I had a coupon for Amazon Prime Now so I hopped on my phone and and started adding things to my cart. 

2 hours later, I had 5 big brown paper bags on my front porch. 

As you can see, I am a big fan of Red Mill products. I’ve used them even in my day to day normal lifestyle and they are simply the best in my opinion. 

“Where are the … veg..gies?? LOL this looks like a carb adventure.”


Yes, by this picture alone it would seem I’m planning on going on some sort of carb adventure instead of a vegan adventure. Rest assured that there will be plenty of other photos posted of my veggies and other essentials. I’m saving the grocery trip for when I’m home from my in-laws house. 

For now, I’m feeling really excited to get this show on the road. Here’s to reversing heart disease and finally living a happier & healthier life. 


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