Quotable moments…

I’ve started talking about my journey for the past week or so with some of my closest friends & family. Most of them have been very supportive & have even helped to educate me on the positive effects this will have on my life. 
The responses have been fairly positive, however as expected I’ve run across some people who were pretty darn negative. Here are some of my favorites:

“If you want to eat shit, go ahead. I don’t care. You’ll end up like me regardless.”

– Censored 

Oh. Hey thanks. I certainly appreciate the enthusiasm for taking ownership of my health. 

“You’ll never make it. You’ll fail within an hour.”

– Censored 

Hmmm. Pretty sure that’s the most ridiculous one. I’ll show you! Jerk. 

“Oh GOD. You’re going to be a cranky bitch & I’m not sure I’m prepared to deal with that.”

– Censored

Wow! I sure wasn’t expecting that! I’ll be sure to keep a Snickers near by… Oh wait. Shit.

Be careful with your words, friends. They can leave lasting impressions that you’ll never know about until it’s too late. Speak kindly to people. It really does make the world a better place. 

Lots of love, 


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