Mmmm, BBQ Wraps & Eggrolls!

Some times you just have to cheat. You get tired. You get lazy. You get cravings. You give in & order takeout.

CHEESE! At last! My precious!! Sweet, juicy, tender pork. Crispy, flaky egg rolls. Not having to do any dishes at the end of the night, or clean the kitchen – WORTH IT!

Now, by this point you guys are no doubt thinking I’ve given up, am I right?

To those of you who had even a little bit of faith in me, thanks! Turns out there is a vegan restaurant right down the street from our house. VEGAN! I decided to try it out after the husband and I looked over the very limited menu for over what seemed like an hour. It took a lot of convincing myself that this was just food. It wasn’t going to hurt me and I didn’t need to get upset over the thought of eating “fake meat.”

Let me just tell you this, that might have been one of the best quesadillas I’ve ever had. Black beans and some kind of “cheese substitute.” SO GOOD! Now, rest assured that I did not eat everything on this plate. This is going to be lunch tomorrow as well. I think this is just what I needed after drooling over something hot, juicy, and meaty all day long.

I can’t wait to keep trying new things from this place. I’m impressed. Now that my belly is full and the serious cravings have subsided, it’s time for me to get some sleep. I’ll post more tomorrow. I have lots to share!

Bonne nuit, 


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