Days 3 & 4 were all about temptations.

Cheese! Oh god, the cheese…

If you’ve known me for more than 35 minutes, then you know I love my cheese. It’s kinda my life line, really. I’m fairly certain there’s some black wax cheddar running through my veins.

A dear co-worker of mine kept telling me about this yeasty flakey thing that was supposed to taste like cheese. Something about sprinkling yeast in the form of fish food flakes just wasn’t doing it for me. So after a few days of her really trying to sell me on this stuff and me turning my nose up every time, she brought me some to try. I still haven’t tried it yet, I’m waiting for a popcorn craving to hit first! I’ll keep you guys posted on the first fish food taste! It’s called nutritional yeast, for those of you who would like to know more information.

My husband went to the store yesterday. He tried his hardest to get me some things that I could snack on but as I was putting away the groceries all I could focus on was the cheddar flavored chips, sour cream, deli meat, cheese, pizzas, and other stuff that I am choosing not to eat at the moment. Hey, he tried, we’ll give him credit! (After all, he DID bring home a pretty tasty dinner.) I was proud to say that I had made it through day 3 successfully!

This morning I found myself full of energy and ready to tackle the day. First thing this morning another dear coworker of mine brought me some Larabars to try! DELICIOUS! Things were going well until someone had to go and remind me that today was the “July Festival” at the office. You know what that means, right? Burgers. Hotdogs. All the things that go along with the burgers and the hotdogs.

“Okay Meighan, this is easy. Just stay in your office, turn the music up and ignore anyone who knocks on the door. You got this.” Good plan, so I thought. I had failed to calculate the amount of water I had guzzled about an hour prior to what I called the “Lunchtime Lockdown.” My bladder won and I was forced to leave the safety of my hole in the wall. Just as I started waddling to the bathroom as fast as I could, a group of about 5 people walked through the door with ALL THE THINGS!

It smelled so good. They were so happy. There was REAL CHEESE. “NO! Meighan, focus. Just go pee and get back to your hole!”

No matter how much you try to imagine the rice cakes as hamburgers, they still taste like styrofoam and sand. Damn, that was hard.

Thank you all so much for the support, you really don’t know how much it means. Right now my bed is tempting me and I must give in. Can’t win em all, right?

Good night, 


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