I am not a vegan.

I am not a vegan.

I’ll never be a vegan. I want to make it clear that I am only practicing the vegan diet. The only reason I chose a vegan diet over the other whole food options was due to the research I have been doing on heart disease. I’m not ever going to turn into one of those enthusiasts who won’t own leather or has to order special soaps and makeup due to the animal products in the ordinary brands. I’ll never own a “Vegan Certified” automobile. It’s not about the hippie lifestyle. It’s not about the animals rights or how #everylifematters. It’s about my health, my mind, and my life.

I never want to be a vegan.

With that being said, my vegan diet has been pretty on point this week. I could have replaced a few of my junkie snacks for some fresh veggies, but you know – Baby steps. I have noticed that my energy levels are a bit out of whack lately. We could blame all sorts of things for that though, so let’s not assume that it’s because I’m not getting enough protein. Please.

I’ll be hanging out with some friends tomorrow so I’ll be away from the comfort of my own home. I’m planning to take some snacks out with me. It’s much easier to bring my own than to try to figure out what I can have at Joe’s Pizza, Pasta, & Subs… I’m adjusting very well to this diet change so far. I would go into details, however, I’m not sure you guys want to hear about it. It’s a total over share.

Alright guys, it’s time again for me to unplug and get some much-needed rest.
Good night. 

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