The past 2 days I’ve been able to wear pants that haven’t fit in almost 18 months!!

I can’t even wait I can toss these and buy some even smaller.

Everything about this diet change has been positive for me. Yes, I’ve had a few slip ups and I pay dearly each time, (3 to be exact) but seeing the results and actually feeling better about myself is enough of a reward for me to keep going it’s hard to believe that my mother in love is making brisket and beans and I’m gladly opting out and choosing meatless balls instead! Last night they had grilled chicken and the smell alone almost made me barf.

Dinner’s almost ready and I have to do the stir fry. I’ll write more later.

For now, here’s a picture of my husband and I for your viewing pleasure… *snort*

Peace and Love and Stuff,


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