“I know.”

Catharsis – It’s something that I do. I do it daily. It helps me process the pathetic mess of my life. It helps me process pain and loss. It helps me process love and friendships. It helps me to release all my emotions without being violent or destructive. Sometimes I draw, other times I play my instruments or compose songs, but mostly I write. Everyone knows I write and everyone knows it’s very rare that I share my most personal, intimate thoughts with the general public because there’s something unnerving about letting other people inside my head.

Yesterday was my Nonnie’s “Celebration of life.” (Memorial service) I read a poem that I wrote and lots of people asked for a copy of it, so here it is. Enjoy.

I know.

By Meighan Knight

“Nonnie, I’m so tired.”

“Rest my girl, but do not quit.”

“I know.”

“Nonnie, I feel weak.”

“Hush, my girl. You are so strong.”

“I know.”

“Nonnie, I’m hurt.”

“Cry, my girl. Time heals all wounds.”

“I know.”

“Nonnie, I feel like I’m going to break.”

“Bend, my child. There’s no need to break.”

“I know.”

“Nonnie, I miss him so much.”

“Tell his story, my child. Remember he is free.”

“I know.”

“Nonnie, I’m happy!”

“Wonderful, my child. These days come and go.”

“I know.”

“Nonnie, you look tired.”

“I need to rest, my child, but I will not quit.”

“I know.”

“Nonnie, you seem weak.”

“Hush, my girl. I’m fine. I’m strong.”

“I know.”

“Nonnie! You’re hurt!”

“I cried my girl, time will heal these wounds.”

“I know.”

“Nonnie, you’re so sad.”

“I cannot live my life, my child, but you’ve made me so happy.”

“I know.”

“Nonnie, you’re breaking.”

“My mind is breaking. My body is breaking. I am not breaking, my child.”

“I know.”

“Nonnie, I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll be free. Just remember those words.”

“I know.”

“Nonnie, you’re happy!”

“Remember me, my child. Forever and for all eternity. I’m finally free.”

“I know.”

In memory of my dear Nonnie who was the greatest grandmother a girl could have. May she fly high and sprinkle happiness on us all.

November 17th, 2017


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